About Digitalisation Academy

Digitalisation Academy for university students on their last year studies (4th year)

Digitalisation Academy program

Digitalisation Academy is an interdisciplinary program for university students at VAMK, Novia and University of Vaasa and on their last year studies, seeking internships and thesis work with emphasis on Energy Cluster and Digitalisation.

Academy is an unique regional program managed by universities, digitalisation companies and large international organisations from the local energy cluster EnergyVaasa

Digitalisation Academy program is mainly financed by the partner companies and sponsors.

EnergyVaasa cluster consists of 140 companies, most of them are international large companies enabling good possibilities to work in international projects right here in Vaasa!

The Digitalisation Academy offer students a highly interesting program that enables to learn from professionals in energy industry and get the latest knowledge in digitalisation!

First class started in January 2019, next group starts in Oktober 2019.

Pilot phase of the program is between 2019-2021. Digitalisation Academy have it’s own classroom at the Campus in Technobothnia, Room F4302 in 3 rd floor of Technobothnia.

You can follow the Digitalisation Academy group via Instagram and Facebook!

Length of the program i from Oktober 2019 to May 2020, and you can get 15 credits (ECTS) when participating, from your own university (VAMK, Novia and University of Vaasa).

How to apply for the Digitalisation Academy program

To get into the program, students first need to apply for the program!

Based on the applications 20-24 students (7-8 students / university) will be accepted and start the program 2nd of Oktober 2019.


Academy program consists of 3 main themes

  1. Cyber Security
  2. Data Science
  3. Digitalisation.

During the study program, students receives applied training and participates in different projects about digitalisation (based on the 3 themes), as a part of their general study program. Students also get subjects for thesis work for their final year.

Flipped classroom – Udemy

We use as study method “flipped classroom” and an online platform called Udemy (www.udemy.com) as tool for learning the basics.

Here you can find definition about flipped classroom on wikipedia!

Teachers from Industry

Our teachers are mainly experts from our partner companies with knowledge of different projekts in energy industry.

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